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Conflict Coaching

"Conflict management coaching, also known as conflict coaching, is a one-on-one process in which a trained coach helps individuals gain increased competence and confidence to independently manage their interpersonal disputes or to engage in ADR processes designed to assist them, i.e. mediation. In either case, conflict management coaching is a goal-oriented and future-focused process that concentrates on assist­ing individual clients to reach their specific conflict management objectives."

- ADR Canada Inc. 

Angie will work with individuals through a conflict they are facing if the other person they are in conflict with is not yet ready for mediation. Also available in presentation format for groups. Perfect for workplace team-building!

one-on-one coaching
group conflict coaching

This service is available to individuals, couples and families or groups and coverage through your extended health insurance plan may be available. Conflict coaching is also eligible for sliding scale fees if you do not have insurance coverage. Book your free consultation to find out if you qualify for sliding scale fees, or book your conflict coaching session today!

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